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The Christian Business Chamber is a faith-based non-profit organization for Christian business professionals supporting them to have a kingdom business mindset. Our goal is to be a place where Christians can fellowship to renew their hearts in the marketplace.

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Healing and deliverance luncheon with Pastor Michael Rozell

Date: November 5 @ 11:00 am

We are delighted to have Pastor Michael Rozell from Refuge Ranch Ministries be our keynote speaker for our November 5th luncheon, held at South Parks Maggiano’s restaurant. Tamara was introduced to Refuge Ranch Ministries by a friend where she asked Pastor Michael to pray for healing from Endometriosis.  Tamara had 2 large complex cysts on her right ovary and  was about to head into surgery for a hysterectomy when she went for deliverance from this disease on a Friday night service.   Monday morning Tamara had an ultrasound and both cysts were gone!  “I’ve learned more about the bible and how to walk in freedom from Pastor Michael than any church i’ve attended.”  I highly recommend that you clear your schedule to attend this luncheon.

  • What is Deliverance and why isn’t it being taught in churches today
  • Learn how to take captive every thought that isn’t from God
  • Learn how Jesus healed the sick and get free from adversary we can’t see
  • Decipher between a medical problem vs a spiritual one


About Pastor Michael 

After a radical conversion from a life of drugs in the mountains of Julian California, Pastor Michael Rozell became passionate about helping others find the same freedom in Christ that He experienced. Thus, Refuge  Ranch was born in 1990. What makes us unique? The message of deliverance. An element missing from many churches today, but just as powerful and relevant now as it was in the time of Jesus. Through his ministry of Refuge Ranch, Pastor Michael has been able to show people all over the world just how powerful God’s hand in our story can be, and that if he can find true freedom and purpose in Christ, then so can you!

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